• 2015    We were founded by a small group of local worship leaders who wrote music together
  • 2016    CREATE songwriting workshops were launched for worship leaders 
  • 2017    We established as a 501C3 
  • 2017- 2018  We released the collaborative music projects Village Hymns Vol. 1 and Village Hymns Vol. 2 
  • 2019   Julie Anne Vargas was hired as the Executive Director and we released Songs of Our City  
  • 2020   VH launched the Village Hymns Cohort with local worship leaders, we released 2 singles: UNDIVIDED and OUR GOD IS GOOD (LIVE)

The vision of Village Hymns began four years ago inside the hearts of  local worship leaders. Each of us had something in common: we were writing songs for our church contexts and leading them on Sunday mornings right alongside mainstream worship songs and hymns. We found that there were themes that were rising up from pulpits and our church communities that needed to be put into song. And so that’s what we did. We opened God’s word, keeping our churches and our community stories in mind as we wrote and led songs. And then, as we began to share the songs with our worship leader friends, something amazing started to happen. We started to swap each others songs and sing them at each other’s churches. We found that these songs began to resonate within our churches and we started to sing these songs of our city.

As our community songs began to spread, we decided that we would make an album to celebrate the songs that God had given us. At that time we were about 20 worship leaders strong. Fast forward to today where we have 150 worship leaders from 54 different churches. We’ve made three albums and are working on our forth. We started organically with a heart to encourage songwriters to write skillfully for their local churches. Over the past two years we’ve hosted 50 CREATE Workshops in which worship leaders and songwriters have learned songwriting mechanics and spent time co-writing and growing in relationship with like minds from all different denominations. These writing groups have served as a space for multi-church collaboration, have broken down comparison and competition, and have brought about a spirit of unity in our local area. 

As we grew we began to see the need for even deeper community and soul care for worship leaders. Our heart was not just for new songs to be written and sung but for worship leaders to be made new and have personal revival in their hearts. So, we launched our worship leader cohort in fall of 2020. At the end of the day the vision of Village Hymns is to see vibrant worship fuel a revival in South Florida. Our mission has always been to inspire and equip worship leaders to not only be creative but also to be healthy as they lead their churches in authentic worship. 

We long to see God’s kingdom come in South Florida and our prayer is that God would awaken His church once again to love Him passionately and love those whom He loves. There are some exciting things ahead and believe that God is just getting started with the ministry of Village Hymns. We know that God has always been the one writing the story of Village Hymns and we can’t wait to hear the songs and see the stories of His faithfulness to His Church in South Florida.