Undivided - Village Hymns (feat. Jamie Jacob, Julie Anne Vargas)

Dozens of local pastors in Church United had a vision to preach a regional teaching series called UNDIVIDED in the month of November. This series is meant to remind and reorient the people of God around the reality that the Church – the people of God – whether Republican or Democrat – black or white – is united by Jesus, called to the same mission, and is meant to serve as a demonstration community for God’s Kingdom lived out on earth. 

As the vision for this regional sermon series was catching among pastors, a few Village Hymns worship leaders began to collaborate on a song to serve the message. We wanted to convey the heart behind this series and create an anthem for the Church in South Florida. So, we wrote, recorded, and produced this song locally and we pray that through it the Church is catalyzed to carry the Gospel to our city.


He has broken down the walls between us

He has purchased us with blood and freed us

We are one in the Son, King Jesus

We are one in the Son, King Jesus


He established on the earth His kingdom

Every tribe and every tongue will see Him

We are one in the Son, our freedom

We are one in the Son, our freedom


This is where everything changes

When Your Church cries out

Spirit move in pow’r

Jesus, You reign over nations

You are Lord of all

Let Your Kingdom come


There is one body, one hope

One Spirit, one Lord

One faith, one God

And Father of all

He is reigning in power

Creating a people undivided

Revealing His glory to all


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