Dozens of local pastors in Church United had a vision preach a regional teaching series called UNSINKABLE in the month of November to directly address the lostness of South Florida. They believed that the foundations of a tipping point exist in the pews already and those in the congregation may just represent the most important piece of the story God is writing in our community. They asked this question: What if together we catalyzed a movement for the next few years that challenged churches throughout the region to faithfully proclaim the core tenants of our faith to those who are already sitting in our pews?

As the vision for this regional sermon series was catching among pastors, a few Village Hymns worship leaders began to collaborate on a song to serve the message. We wanted to convey the heart behind this series and create an anthem for the Church in South Florida. So, we wrote, recorded, and produced this song locally and we pray that through it the Church is catalyzed to carry the Gospel to our city.

The anchor for our souls, is Christ alone 

Our refuge through the storm, is Christ alone 

If hope has been promised and faith is secure 

Our confidence now is one that is sure 

Our hope is unsinkable 

Our faith is unshakable 

Open the floodgates, pour out your Spirit 

Lord, we receive him, Lord we receive him 

Our faithful cornerstone, is Christ alone 

You’ve sealed us as Your own we’re Yours alone 

We wait for the downpour, the measure from heaven 

Send us your power, give us Your Spirit 

Lord, we receive it, the mission from heaven 

Send us Your power, give us Your Spirit